Andreas Zybach Lecture

April 26, 2008


Andreas Zybach, born in Switzerland and living in Berlin, creates sculptural constructions which permit or elicit the viewer’s interaction, from a market stall in Venice containing a single sweater (price: one sweater) to a platform suspended on balloons which can, when stood upon, inflate another balloon. At Western Bridge, he presents “0 – 6.5 PS,” a tunnel built of plywood and raw silk which harnesses the movement of viewers, without their knowledge, to create hydraulic pressure and to generate a wall painting. A Zybach work typically fluctuates between states: is it a model or the object itself? Is it a sculpture or a machine?

“My focus lies in the search for images or objects in which balances of power are displayed as forms,” Zybach has said in an interview with Daniel Baumann. His talk at Western Bridge will cover several of his earlier projects, his installation here, and his upcoming contribution to the Expo 2008 in Zaragosa, Spain.