Box With the Sound of Its Own Making

May 8 – July 31, 2010

Our spring/summer 2010 exhibition appropriated the title of Robert Morris’s sculpture, held in the collection of the Seattle Art Museum. Morris’s work, a hand-built wood box, includes a sound recording of its construction, preserving the process of making in the finished work. This exhibition took inspiration from Morris’s box in putting together a set of works which remained “in process” even when complete.

Ryan Gander’s wallpapers show the artist’s studio, with an assistant working on photographic studies for another work, surrounded by evidence of and ideas for other works. Bruce Nauman’s Office Edit video, borrowed for the show, depicts his studio in all the moments he’s not at work there–a cat and mouse the only active presences in the off-hours. Jonathan Monk’s neon piece riffed on Nauman, whose influence permeated the show. Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon’s Use It for What It’s Used For, an installation or folly in concrete, wood, steel, and lighting, established itself in the parking lot as a framework for future possibilities. And Jason Dodge’s “your death, sub-marine,” a copper pipe connected to the water main and running into the main gallery, offered another potential use for Western Bridge—as indicated by the text of a note card hung next to an operable valve at the end of the pipe, “Build a great aquarium.”

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