Daniel Roth: River Styx

May 28 – September 24, 2005

Western Bridge presented the fruits of a commission given to Daniel Roth, a German artist practicing in Karlsruhe. An installation comprising photography, drawing, and sculpture, The River Styx extended a narrative—a sort of fairy tale—begun in an exhibition at Donald Young Gallery, Chicago. That exhibition imagined an underground passage running between the Cook County Jail and the Cabrini Green Housing Project, two architecturally similar structures in Chicago. Here the passage is seen to contain a river running under Seattle, with an opening at Western Bridge and continuing westward to a rocky burial island off the Olympic peninsula. In photographs taken by the artist during a visit to the peninsula, drawings imagining the structures within the island, a sculpture of one of the islands, and a mysterious basin of black water, Roth sets the stage for a mysteriously undefined tale about the passage between life and death.

Accompanying the Roth installation were a video by Maria Friberg, a photograph of black ocean waves by Richard Misrach, Gary Hill’s video installation Wall Piece, and Roni Horn’s 100-photograph installation, You Are the Weather.

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