Devouring Time

February 17 – April 7, 2012

Time, death, shrouds, flowers, traces. As a second “last show,” we presented an exhibition of works whose overlapping themes and subjects invite thoughts about the end: the persistence of art, the mystery of death, and the marks and memories that remain after something has gone.

Thematically, the show was all over the road, to the point that we made a complicated, seven-circle Venn diagram to keep track of it. We worried that we didn’t actually have a show, but we worried more about being too maudlin about it all. We worked with Walead Beshty on a new commission and added a pair of photographs he made during his trip to Seattle—it was good to think we could still make new connections, work with artists new to us, as we got near the end. Other new-to-Western-Bridge artists in the show included Raymond Boisjoly, Emilie Halpern, Amanda Ross-Ho, and Kara Tanaka. They joined old favorites like Kutlug Ataman, Matt Sheridan Smith, Mungo Thomson, and Dan Webb. By the opening, we felt like we had a show. We didn’t know exactly what it was, but the installation was tight. So whether it was one show or five mixed together, it looked like a show.

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