Insubstantial Pageant Faded

September 21 – December 21, 2007

Is art eternal when the art object is not? Drawing its title from The Tempest, this exhibition was a critique of a theme repeatedly invoked in Shakespeare’s sonnets: the contrast between life, with its transitory nature and brief duration, and art, which can render the life it depicts immortal and unchanging. Work in this exhibition disturbs that understanding.

Pieces by Jeppe Hein, Jordan Wolfson, and Roger Hiorns physically changed over the course of the exhibition. Projected video and light works by Martin Creed, Neil Goldberg, Anthony McCall, and Alex Schweder introduced time-based art’s relation to persistence and change. Photographs by Dan Webb and a painting by Julia Schmidt documented change in art objects normally thought of as fixed and eternal. Works by Morris Graves, Rachel Harrison, and Amir Zaki related to Goldberg’s video portrait of his father, preserving life and presence in the shadow of death and absence.

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