Into Black

September 16 – December 16, 2006

Western Bridge’s fall 2006 show looked into the darkness. Works in light, video, photography, drawing, and painting explored light—a basic precondition of images—and its absence.

Building around Paul Morrison’s mesophyte, the new exhibition was titled for a photographic work by Jason Dodge. His Into Black is eight sheets of undeveloped photographic paper, which were first exposed to light at the vernal equinox by eight of the artists’ friends in locations around the globe.

The exhibition also featured Olafur Eliasson’s neon work, Daylight Map, Spencer Finch’s evocation of The Light at Lascaux in fluorescent light, Euan Macdonald recording the onset of dusk from a helicopter in his video, In the Shadow’s Path, and Three or Four Steps through a Shadow, Neil Goldberg’s collective video portrait of the denizens of New York’s East Village as they are momentarily transformed, passing under a shade tree in front of his building. Hadley + Maxwell’s …Um enigmatically projects the image of a light bulb onto a light bulb, setting up a playful collision between projected image and actual object. …Um thus stood as a key to the show’s theme. Taking Plato’s allegory of the cave as a literal depiction of the relationship between light, objects, and images, our survey reversed the philosopher’s path, starting with light and moving toward darkness.

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