Neil Goldberg Video Screening and Lecture at NW Film Forum

April 26, 2005


“She’s a Talker”
“Hallelujah Anyway”
“Describing the Cyclone”
“My Parents Read Dreams I’ve Had About Them”
“Scenes from a Random Walk”
“A System for Writing Thank You Notes”

Video artist Neil Goldberg will present an evening of his single-channel videos at at Northwest Film Forum. Goldberg’s short,¬†casually shot, highly edited videos distill lovely, sad, and common moments, whether his subjects are anonymous people on the street or his own parents.

“Tell me how you came up with the idea for [Describing the Cyclone].”

“I was in Coney Island with my brother. I’ve never been on the Cyclone. I hate roller coasters. So I asked my brother to describe the ride to me and I thought the language he used was so beautiful. Originally the piece was just going to be the language people used to describe the ride. But there’s this whole genre of TV commercial in which they talk to someone who has just come out of the theatre. That was all I was getting from people, and I wasn’t interested in it. But I found that if I asked people to describe the specifics of the course of the ride they began to do this stuff with their hands. And then that became fascinating.”

Neil Goldberg, interviewed by Robert Marshall in PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, no. 68. Copyright 2001 The Johns Hopkins Press and PAJ Publications.