September 16 – December 17, 2011

Our last year of exhibitions was hard to map out. Deciding on a “last show” was paralyzing. We ended up making Repossessed as a last show, to get that idea out of the way early, freeing up options for the rest of the year. (We instead continued making last shows, three or four of them depending on how you count.) For this last show, we took a second look at our first show, Possessed. Opening in April of 2004, Possessed connected the activity of collecting with the more demonic sense of the title: being taken over by another person or spirit. We revisited the original themes of possession and the possessed while taking stock of how our ideas about art, our interests in artists, and our understanding of Western Bridge have developed. It was a second chance to work on a show we made before we really knew what we were doing. Only a few pieces from the first show were included in this version, including Zoe Leonard’s installation Mouth open, teeth showing (I) and works by Shelley Jackson, Sam Taylor-Wood, and Fred Wilson. Added in were works by artists we’d gotten to know in the interim, like perennial favorite Jason Dodge and a video by Daniel Pflumm which we all loved but had never found the right show to put it in.

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