Roy McMakin: I Continue to Believe in the Potential to Express Hope and Sorrow through Furniture

April 28  – July 28, 2012

Roy McMakin has been an uncredited presence in every show at Western Bridge, which was designed by McMakin/Domestic Architecture and in places built by his workshop, Big Leaf Manufacturing. After serving as a congenial home for the works of over 300 artists in eight years, Western Bridge welcomed the artist who designed it. McMakin showed new and recent sculpture, furniture, photographs, video and drawings, along with a career-spanning selection of paintings, drawings, and sculpture.

The first-person title spotlighted something always present in McMakin’s works, underlining the direct, though sometimes overlooked, emotional content. The show was suffused with the artist’s signatures: formal play with familiar objects, found or fabricated; jokes both light and dark; logic pursued to the point of irrationality. It also contained elements of explicit autobiography. Sometimes you have to point out that your heart is in fact on your sleeve.

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