WOW/The Work of The Work At Western Bridge

November 6, 2004 – February 5, 2005

Curated by Elizabeth Brown, this exhibition took place at both the Henry Art Gallery and Western Bridge and featured the first loaned work in a Western Bridge exhibition, a Gary Hill video installation from the collection of Rebecca and Alexander Stewart.

WOW explores great contemporary art and why it matters. It is an exhibition about experiencing works of art—not their material or conceptual facts but their affects, the moods and sensations they excite. The structure of WOW is an experiment, departing from established conventions of theme, chronology, or other organizing structure to allow each artist his or her own voice. Art is engrossing or exciting or effective when it is allowed to create a relationship with an individual viewer. If you give a great work of art a little time and a little space—that is, your focused attention—you grant it the chance to work on you.” 

—Elizabeth A. Brown

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